Washington’s Headquarters Flag – 1775 Nylon 3 x 5 ft.


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Washington’s Headquarters Flag – Nylon with Applique Stars

Six pointed Stars

This flag was used to signal the presence of the Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Armies, George Washington. It accompanied him, and was displayed near his personal tent or building. The original is believed to be the earliest surviving 13-star American flag. It is unique due to its 6-pointed stars and it appears that it was designed by Washington himself. Washington wore three silver six-pointed stars, and a blue sash across his chest, indicating his status as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Five pointed stars were not used until Betsy Ross change them to make them easier to embroider.

This flag was also the US Navy Union Jack during the revolutionary war.

This flag was the subject of an article “Washington’s battlefield flag on view in Philly at Museum of American Revolution

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