69th Irish Brigade Cotton Flag


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This is the flag of the 69th Irish Regiment from New York. Under the harp are a row of flowers and a banner that translates to, Who have never retreated from clash of spears. Union Army during the American civil war. 3×5 size comes with clips.


Premium Quality
Construction: Cotton Authentic
– Beautiful, full textured and striking
– Cotton weave looks, feels and moves properly
– Designs are embroidered
– Attaches easily to any flag pole
Note on the reverse (backs) of flags: It is standard traditional flag construction that images, words and other adornments on a flag are “backwards” when viewed from behind. It is not correct to sew two standard flags back-to-back in order for them to read the same from both directions.
– Re-enactment, historical drama
– Indoor displays, Museums
– Honor Guards, Color guards*
– Caskets,  Memorials, Funerals
– Official Uses, diplomatic display
(NOTE: Not for outdoor or wet use. *May be too heavy for long term marching use. See Nylon flags for lighter alternatives.)

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3×5 ft, 2×3 ft