First National Confederate Flag – 7 Stars and Bars Nylon Embroidered


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1st National Confederate States of America Flag 7 Stars

Used from 1861-1863

Also called the “Stars and Bars Flag” and “First National Flag.” Presented by Ultimate flags in 210D Nylon Cut and Sewn strips and embroidered stars. Usefull for outdoor flying bring in during heavy weather.

It was first flown over the capitol building in Montgomery, Alabama on 4 March 1861. (Montgomery was the first capitol of the Confederacy, until it was moved to Richmond, Virginia.). The pattern and colors of this flag did not distinguish it sharply fom the Stars and Stripes of the Union. Consequently, considerable confusion was caused on the battlefield.

It was originally adopted with 7 stars (one for each member of the new Confederacy). Stars were added as new states seceded and joined the Confederacy. The seven stars represent the original Confederate States; South Carolina (December 20, 1860), Mississippi(January 9, 1861), Florida (January 10,1861), Alabama (January 11, 1861), Georgia (January 19, 1861), Louisiana (January 26, 1861), and Texas (February 1, 1861).

Civic Quality
Construction: 210 Denier Nylon Embroidered Stars or 300D tough nylon
– Designs are embroidered on both sides (not printed)
– Design reads properly on the front side and backwards on the reverse (as per proper flag construction see here)
– Superior look and feel to printed flags
– Bright thread adds texture and weight
– Long lasting, waterproof, tear and fray resistant material 
– Double and quad stitched edges all around
– Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings for added durability
– Attaches easily to any flag pole
– 1 year “no fade, no fray” guarantee
– Outdoor display use on poles
– Permanent flag displays (i.e. not taken down at night/rain)
– Excellent for events indoor/outdoor, parades
– Schools, churches, civic uses


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