Goliad Texas Battle Cotton Flag 3 x 5 ft.


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This is the Texas Goliad Battle Flag. This flag is based on the fact that Texas is the Lone Star State and that it is part of the Union and will fight for its liberty.

Also known as “Troutman flag”

The Troutman Flag was designed by Joanna Troutman. Joanna designed the flag when she was 18 years old and living in Georgia. The flag was white silk, with a five pointed blue star on it, with the words “Liberty or Death” beneath the star. Some sources say the words read “Texas and Liberty”, although the majority seem to favor “Liberty or Death”.

Joanna sent the flag with a Georgian Battalion who was headed to help the Texans in their fight for independence from Mexico. The flag was unfurled over the American Hotel on January 8, 1836 in Velasco. The original flag was lost/destroyed at battle.

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