Hood’s Texas Brigade 2 ply Nylon Embroidered Flag 3×5 ft.


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This is the John Bell Hood’s Texas Brigade Flag, with battle honors shown. Hood was a very aggressive commander. Lee thought highly of Hood’s Texas Brigade. In a letter to a Texas member of the Confederate Congress, urging that more troops be raised in Texas, he wrote: “I rely on those we have in tight places and fear that I have to call on them too often. They have fought grandly and nobly…With a few more, as an example of daring and bravery, I could feel more confident of the campaign.” On another occasion the Texas Brigade was passing in review to honor a visiting British colonel. The visitor noticed that the wear and tear of months in the field had taken the seat of almost every Texan’s trousers. Some had patched them, but a good many more hadn’t. “Never mind their raggedness, Colonel. The enemy never sees the back of my Texans,” said Lee.

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