Lorenzo De Zavala Flag – Texas Flag of 1836 – 2 Ply Nylon Embroidered


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2 Ply Nylon Lorenzo De Zavala Flag – Texas Flag of 1836

STAR WITH TEXAS AROUND IT 2 PLY/600D – Texas First Republic Flag

The Lorenzo De Zavala Flag is a Texan War Flag. Never actually existing, the flag was created by a Ms. Cox, who made up the flag to put in a book she made of Texan historical flags. There is record Mr. De Zavala proposed a flag but it was never adopted. It is also described as having extra stars and a rainbow, proving it is not the flag we know today.

  • 600D 2 ply Nylon 
  • Outdoor use
  • Attaches Easily to any flagpole with grommets

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