3rd National Confederate Flag 2ply Nylon Outdoor 3×5,4×6,5×8,6×10 and up


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3rd National Confederate Flag

Third National Flag of the Confederate Stations of Amercia

Used from 4 March 1865 until end of Civil War later in 1865

2 ply Outdoor tough flag. Available in multiple sizes from 3×5 through 15×25 feet.

Following the line of flags adopted for the new confederacy, this is the final version of the flag of the Confederate States of America in their failed rebellion against the United States (Union).

The 2nd flag of the Confederacy, with its white field, had been found to too closely resemble a truce flag. Therefore a red bar was added to the end of the flag with few other changes.

This flag was only used a few months until the destruction of the Confederate government.


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