52 x 52 Inch 4th Infantry North Carolina Cotton Flag


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Also known as the 4th Regiment North Carolina State Troops, this unit became active in May 1861, and fought through to Appomattox. It saw its first duty at Manassas in July, and saw combagt at Yorktown, Williamsburg, Seven Pines (Fair Oaks), Mechanicsville, Cold Harbor, and South Mountain before engaging at Sharpsburg, the bloodiest battle of the war. Col. Grimes took command of the Reg’t at Cold Harbor. In the Antietam Campaign the 4th defended the center Confederate line at Sunken Road until flanked and driven from the position by parts of the Federal II Corps about midday on the 17th. The regiment went on to fight at Chancellorsville, where another unit refused to charge enemy breastworks to their front. The 4th charged over this unit and captured the fortifications. These North Caronlina boys were at Gettysburg and were the first troops to enter the town on July 1st, and the Federal troops captured outnumbered their own men. The 4th was in battle at Spottsylvania, Monocacy, and Appomattox. At Appomattox, Union troops tried to overwhelm North Carolinians, but were driven off. It was the last volley fired at Appomattox and very last by the Army of Northern Virginia.

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