5th Texas Infantry, Hood’s Brigade Double Nylon Embroidered Flag 3 x 5 ft.


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This is a flag of the 5th Texas Infantry Regiment, and it has an interesting history. It was made in Richmond, Virginia, based upon the design of the First Confederate National Flag, the Stars and Bars. Instead of having multiple stars representing each of the Confederate states, it has only one, the Lone Star of Texas.

The 5th Texas Infantry Regiment was a member of Hood’s Texas Brigade, under the command of General John Bell Hood. In 1862 Hood’s Brigade played a critical role in defending Richmond during battles known as the Peninsula Campaign, or the Seven Days Battle. Damaged during the campaign, the flag was put into storage in Richmond, at a warehouse known as the “Texas Depot.” That did not sit well with the men of the 5th, and they requested permission to have it restored to use. When the request was refused, the Texans took matters into their own hands: several officers went into the warehouse, grabbed the flag, and brought it back to the regiment.

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