Texas Cotton Flag 8 x 12 ft.with grommets (On Special!)

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Real Cotton

The Texas State Flag was adopted on January 25th, 1839. The Texas Flag was originally the Lone Star Flag and was designed for the Republic of Texas but switched to the state flag when Texas joined the Union. The colors represent loyalty, bravery, and purity.

Premium Quality
Construction: Cotton Authentic
  • Beautiful, full textured and striking
  • Cotton weave looks, feels and moves properly
  • Designs are embroidered
  • Attaches easily to any flag pole using grommets 
Note on the reverse (backs) of flags: It is standard traditional flag construction that images, words and other adornments on a flag are “backwards” when viewed from behind. It is not correct to sew two standard flags back-to-back in order for them to read the same from both directions.
  • Indoor displays, Museums
  • Honor Guards, Color guards*
  • Caskets,  Memorials, Funerals
  • Official Uses, diplomatic display
  • Re-enactment, historical drama
(NOTE: Not for outdoor or wet use. *May be too heavy for long term marching use. See Nylon flags for lighter alternatives.)

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