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The State Flag of China was officially adopted on 27 September 1949. In chinese the names is “Five-starred Red Flag”. The red of the Chinese flag symbolizes the communist revolution, and it’s also the traditional color of the people. The large gold star represents communism, while the four smaller stars represent the social classes of the people. I would have thought that all the stars would be equal but I think the big one is the government or “Communism” yes, that is literally big brother. AND YES this flag was made in China


On 29 September 2017, Hong Kong elected legislator Cheng Chung-tai was convicted of desecrating the flag under the National Flag and National Emblem Ordinance.[34] He had been seen turning representations of the flags (not of standard dimensions) upside down in the legislative chamber in October the previous year.


Official Name State of China Flag
Designed by Zeng Liansong
Name Wǔ-xīng Hóng Qí (“Five-starred Red Flag”)
Use Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign


Check this law out.

The current law about the national flag was passed by 14th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National People’s Congress on 28 June 1990 and was enforced starting 1 October 1990. The main point of the law was to not only set down regulations on how to make the Chinese flag, what it looks like, where it can be flown and how it can be flown. The law also stresses that the national flag is “the symbol and hallmark of the People’s Republic of China” and that everyone “shall respect and care for the National Flag.”[26]

  1. Fold horizontally along the center.
  2. Repeat, fold horizontally along the centre.
  3. Fold vertically along the centre of the flag.
  4. Repeat, fold vertically along the centre of the flag.
  5. Repeat, fold vertically along the centre of the flag.

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3 foot by 5 foot flag

90cm x 150cm 

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