Free Confederate Battle Flag Desktop/parade flag Limited


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Free rebel flag – just pay shipping, limit of one.

Why are we doing this? NASCAR, Amazon, Walmart and Shopify banned so we are giving it away.

First, we want to introduce ourselves to you in hopes we can earn your business. We offer more than 5000 flag related items and t-shirts. We are located in Clearwater Florida (a CSA state) and were one of the very few outlets that continued providing confederate flags to the public when they suddenly became politically incorrect.

We took a lot of grief for that, but we believe in free speech and were not about to back down. Shopify in 2020 took away all Confederate images like this one so we created a new site not on shopify.

Giving away free flags is a publicity stunt and is not very profitable, but we bet that once you get to know us, we can become your flag and t-shirt source. (Limit 1 per customer)

If you need a desk stand for this, it’s here.

Want a a BIG flag? To get an amazing deal on a 3 X 5 ft nylon version of this flag (a top quality flag suitable for heavey weather) visit here.

Lots of other rebel stuff here.

Confederate flags in cemetery

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