Pirate Brethren Of the Coast Jolly Roger Flag 3 X 5 ft. Standard


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The Pirate Flag, Brethren Of the Coast Jolly Roger Flag is a novelty pirate flag. The Brethren were buccaneers, sailors and soldiers who harassed Spanish ships and ports in the Caribbean Sea in the 1600’s. From the Spanish point of view these were simply pirates, but many of these men had a legitimate status with other nations. Many of the traditions of the Brethren would come to define the Golden Age of Piracy. Buccaneers thought of themselves as equals. The division of spoils, responsibilities of officers and crew, and other details such as gambling, drinking, religious observances, and the presence of women, were covered in agreements called articles or contracts. A buccaneer expected to have his rights upheld and to be treated in a respectful manner. The most famous buccaneer was Henry Morgan, a Welshman of genteel but poor birth. This wily buccaneer earned a knighthood, and became Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica.

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Weight 4 oz