Pirate Skull with Red Eyes Flag 3 X 5 ft. Standard


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Flat black background with white skull and bright blood red eyes, this pirate flag (also called a Jolly Roger flag) does not represent a specific pirate from history, but is one of our best sellers in the pirate flag category. If you have a streak of pirate in you or just want to make a bold statement this flag is for you. This flag is best for decorative, parade, promotional, home indoor/outdoor and small boat use.

Standard Quality 
Construction: Super-weave polyester
– Our most popular quality level 
– 100%  synthetic waterproof material
– Designs are through-printed and visible on both sides 
– Bright, fade-resistant inks
– Double stitched edges all around
– Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings
– Attaches easily to any flag pole with grommets
– Fair weather outdoor display
– Light weight lets flags fly well even in light breeze 
– Excellent for events, indoor display and theatrical use
– Seasonal decoration, home use
– Demonstrations, protests, parades

Additional information

Weight 1 oz