Telescoping Flag Tailgating Pole Kit – 16 ft Fiberglass Made in USA


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Tailgating 16 foot Telescoping Flagpole

Fiberglass – Rope and Pulley Free – No tangles or knots! Noise Free – No clanging ropes. Maintenance Free – No Painting, No Rust. Durable – Sturdy 16 gauge aluminum. This pole is halyard (rope) free and includes a no-wrap swivel system.

Our 16 foot Telescoping Flagpole comes complete with swivel rings which allows flying 2 flags. This telescopic flag pole has a 3″ gold anodized aluminum ball. To raise or lower the pole, push in the button and then just twist the pole sections in opposite directions. Aluminum foundation sleeve. Installation instructions included. U.S. flag sold separately.
  • Rope & Pulley Free: No tangles or knots
  • Gold anodized ball
  • Aluminum ground sleeve
  • four stainless steel clips
  • weight is 17 pounds
  • “No Wrap” swivel system
  • Allow extra time for delivery.
  • Maintenance Free: No Painting, No Rust
  • Noise Free: No clanging ropes
  • Sturdy & Durable: 16 Gauge Aluminum
  • Butt diameter 2 1/2 inches
  • Top Diameter 1 3/4″

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