Texas Dodson Flag 3′ x 5′ Standard


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Dodson’s “Lone Star” flag , mid-Sept:. Also responding to the September 19, 1835 call for volunteers, Capt. Andrew Robinson, Jr. raised a company from the community of Harrisburg .   Made by Sarah Dodson for her husband, Lt. Archelaus Bynum Dodson for his volunteer company. Made of calico (cotton), blue, red and white squares of equal sizes. “The white star allegedly symbolized that Texas was the only Mexican state in which the star of liberty was rising.”   Carried at least as far as Cibolo Creek by James Ferguson and possibly at the Battle of Concepcion and the Siege of Bexar.   However, Austin had asked him not to fly it at Bexar for fear that it would be considered a revolutionary flag. Probably made after Scott’s flag. At Washington on March 2 (Declaration of Independence), one of two flags. Considered the first Tri-Color Lone Star flag. <2

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