Sample Group A

checklist- Demonstrations checklist-. Made of the highest quality aluminum for a weather resistant finish checklist-1 3/8th inch diameter checklist-1 inch diameter checklist-1/2 inch stitching on the sides checklist-100% synthetic waterproof material checklist-100% synthetic waterproof Super-Polyester checklist-12 inch diameter Regent Stand or pole base checklist-12 inch metal circular parking sign checklist-13 positions checklist-150D Nylon checklist-17 pounds shipping weight checklist-1st National checklist-2 ply 100% Polyester bunting checklist-2 Ply Nylon 600D checklist-2 Ply Nylon for outdoor commercial applications checklist-2 ply Poly Commercial in 3x5 and 4x6 checklist-2-ply 100% Polyester checklist-200D checklist-200D Dacron Polyester checklist-210 denier Nylon Printed checklist-210D 300D or super tough 600D 2ply nylon available checklist-210D Lightweight or 300D tough nylon checklist-2nd National checklist-2ply Nylon checklist-2x2Ply Mercerized Cotton Bunting checklist-3 3/4 x 7 1/2 inches checklist-3 Brass Grommets checklist-3 Flag Stand checklist-3 flags left in stock checklist-3 Grommets on 3x5 and larger checklist-3 sections checklist-3/4 inch diameter pole checklist-300D Nylon checklist-300D or 600D 2-ply Available checklist-31 Star American Flag checklist-3rd National checklist-4 Rows of Stitching on the fly checklist-5 or 6 foot lengths checklist-5 to 8 weeks delay on deliver due to high demand checklist-5x9.5 foot Casket Size Available checklist-6 Foot Fiberglass Pole checklist-6 foot pole checklist-6 foot poles have the option of a silver ball checklist-600D 3x5 ft flag is backordered and may not be available for months may not checklist-A choice of lightweight standard or Rough Tex 100D materials checklist-A VERY thin flag perfect for indoor use or very little outdoor use checklist-Accepts 1 inch flag pole checklist-Adjustable Clips for any size flag checklist-up to 3'x5' flag on a 4' flagpole checklist-Advertising Banner checklist-Advertising Flag checklist-AKA 1st Continental Regiment checklist-Alaska Popular Flag checklist-All Lives Matter checklist-Allies and WWI flag checklist-Allow extra time for delivery. checklist-Also known as head scarf checklist-Also Known as Kerchief checklist-Aluminum ground sleeve checklist-Aniline Dyed checklist-Aniline Dyed Nylon checklist-Aniline-dyed for brilliant fast colors checklist-Anti Rain and Acid Protection checklist-Anti-furl Rotating Pole Joints checklist-Antiqued Tea Staining natural spots on flags checklist-Applique or Embroidered Stars checklist-Applique Stars checklist-Arizona and New Mexico were added checklist-As seen in The Sound of Music & Man In High Castle checklist-Attach grommeted flags to your 1/2" flag pole checklist-Attaches easily to any flag pole with grommets checklist-Attaches to the anti furl pole checklist-Authentic Antiqued look checklist-Authentic Cotton checklist-Authentic Cotton Flag checklist-Available in 12x18 2x3 3x5 4x6 and 5x8 checklist-Available in 2x3 3x5 4x6 5x8 5x9.5 foot sizes checklist-Available in 2x3 3x5 4x6 5x8 6x10 checklist-Available in 2x3 3x5 4x6 and casket size 5x9.5 checklist-Available in Cotton checklist-Available in Silver checklist-Available in silver white or white nylon checklist-Available in Silver White or Wood Grain finishes checklist-Available in single (300D) and 2 ply (600D) Nylon checklist-Available in Sizes 12x18inch to 6x10 feet checklist-Available Pole Hem - Grommets checklist-Banned Production in China checklist-Battle of Lake Champlain checklist-Beautiful full textured and striking checklist-Best Value checklist-Better Sizes available checklist-Better than our standard material checklist-Biker Attire checklist-Bonnie Blue checklist-Bonus Lapel Pin included checklist-Bonus Rebel Bumper Sticker checklist-Bonus Rebel Lapel Pin checklist-Bow Pennant checklist-Brass Grommets checklist-Brass Rolled Grommets checklist-Bright fade-resistant inks checklist-Brilliant Colors checklist-Bring indoors during wind and rain checklist-Buy 3 and get 1 free checklist-Buy 3 or more and save 20% checklist-Buy now to get flag faster checklist-Canvas Header checklist-Casket Size checklist-Caskets checklist-Ceremonial Use checklist-Checkout checklist-Choose from 210D or 300D below checklist-Choose from options for different sizes checklist-Choose Quantity 10 or 50 below Checklist-Choose size checklist-Civil War Flag checklist-click sizes for casket size checklist-Clips for any size flag up to 3'x5' on 4' flagpole and 5'x7' on 6' pole checklist-Color Fast to Rain and Sun checklist-Commercial Applications checklist-Commercial outdoor use checklist-Confederate Battle Flag checklist-Confederate Navy Jack checklist-Cool Water Products checklist-Cotton checklist-Custom checklist-Custom and Made to Order checklist-Custom Flag checklist-Custom Flag 3 weeks lead time checklist-Custom Flags have no refunds checklist-Customized with additional zig-zag stitching reinforcement checklist-Cut & Sewn checklist-Cut and Sewn checklist-Cut and Sewn Stripes checklist-Dark State is attacking this flag checklist-Demonstrations; protests; parades checklist-Designed and Sold in the USA checklist-Designs are embroidered checklist-Designs are printed through and visible on both sides checklist-Designs are through-printed and visible on both sides checklist-Difficult to find checklist-DIfficult to find due to federal forces checklist-Discounted price checklist-Double and Quad Stitched on the sides checklist-Double Face will wear faster checklist-Double Sided checklist-Double Sided Flag checklist-Double stitched edges all around checklist-Due to high demand these poles take 2-3 weeks for delivery checklist-Durable Nylon Printed checklist-Dyed Nylon for longlast use checklist-Economical Flag BUY TWO checklist-Embroidered Fringed Flag checklist-Embroidered Stars checklist-Embroidered White "Bar" checklist-Endagered Flag checklist-endangered Flag checklist-Excellent for events checklist-Excellent for events indoor display and theatrical use checklist-Excellent Wind Resistance checklist-Expect 2 to 3 weeks delivery checklist-Extra Heavy Weave checklist-Extra Stitching Available checklist-Extremely durable checklist-EZ-Mount Rings includes checklist-fa checklist-Fair weather flying checklist-Fair weather outdoor display checklist-Fast drying checklist-Fence Flag Poles checklist-Finished with white header and brass grommets checklist-Fits Swooper Advertising Flags checklist-Flag of the Vermont National Guard checklist-Flaggers love this checklist-Flies in the slightest breeze checklist-Flys in the slightest breeze checklist-Flys in the slightest breezes checklist-Four Flag Set checklist-Four Mounting Holes checklist-four stainless steel clips allows 2 flags checklist-Fourth of July checklist-Free just pay $3.95 shipping checklist-Funerals checklist-Gasparilla checklist-Gay Pride checklist-Gold anodized ball checklist-Gold Cord and tassle checklist-Gold or Silver Aluminum checklist-Golden Fringes give a sophisticated look checklist-Good for Bow Flag on a Boat checklist-Grommets checklist-Grommets and Ties checklist-Handmade in Georgia checklist-Header is Poly-Cotton checklist-High demand item due to Nike ban checklist-High Quality Nylon checklist-High Resistance to UV fading checklist-High Wind Locacation suitable checklist-Highly Rated checklist-Highway Display checklist-Includes Lapel Pin checklist-Indoor checklist-Indoor Decorative checklist-Indoor Decorative and Parade Us checklist-Indoor display checklist-Indoor displays checklist-Indoor flag with Fringes checklist-Indoor or Outdoors checklist-Indoor Use checklist-Inexpensive indoor display checklist-Installation Instructions checklist-Instock Ships Immediately checklist-Italy was one of the Axis powers and was defeated by the United States checklist-July 4th Flag checklist-Keep It Flying checklist-Keep Southern Heritage Alive checklist-Knitted Nylon in 3x5 size only checklist-Lapel Pin included checklist-Last longer due to knitted polyester design checklist-Less Maintenance due to longevity checklist-Lifetime warranty on flagpole. One year on clips. checklist-Light weight lets flags fly well even in light breeze checklist-Limit of 3 per purchase checklist-Limited Supplies checklist-Louisiana State Fighting Tigers checklist-Made in America checklist-Made in the USA Checklist-Made In USA : Best Seller checklist-Made in USA version checklist-Made of 100% heavyweight 200-denier nylon bunting checklist-Made to Order checklist-Made to Order 3 weeks lead time checklist-Made to Order Custom Flag checklist-Maintenance Free: No Painting checklist-Memorial Casket size available checklist-Memorial or Casket Size checklist-Memorials checklist-More durable than standard checklist-Most Popular Flag checklist-Mounting Screws checklist-Mounts on flat vertial surfaces checklist-Movies and Theatrical productions love this flag checklist-Multiple Sizes 12x18inch;2x3;3x5;4x6;5x8;6x10 checklist-Museums checklist-Nautical Flag checklist-Nautical Sized Flag checklist-Nautical Use while moored checklist-NeverFurl Flag Unfurler checklist-New Product checklist-NO GROMMETS checklist-Noise Free: No clanging ropes checklist-Non-conductive solid 1/2" fiberglass construction checklist-Now in Stock checklist-Nylon Cut and Sewn checklist-Nylon Cut and Sewn Stripes checklist-Nylon Embroidered checklist-Nylon Knitted for greater air flow checklist-Nylon Printed checklist-Nylon Printed available in all sizes checklist-Only fair weather flying while at port checklist-Open Weave Constuction reduces wind resistance checklist-Open weave polyester allows water to wick away checklist-Order now to be the first to receive these patented poles checklist-Order Wood Grain Ball checklist-Our most popular quality level checklist-Outdoor Commercial Quality checklist-Outdoor Fair weather only checklist-Outdoor Flag checklist-Outdoor or Indoor Use checklist-Outdoor use checklist-Outrigger Clips secures you flag to the halyard checklist-Parade or indoor pole sleeve checklist-Parade Use checklist-Parades checklist-Permanent flag displays checklist-Plastic eagle brass plated or gold plastic checklist-Pole Hem 3x5 Flag checklist-Pole Hem slides over the pole in a sleeve checklist-Pole Hem with Fringes checklist-Pole Hem with Fringes on 3x5 Flag checklist-Pole hem/sleve checklist-Polyester Cotton on 3x5 flag checklist-Polyester Knit checklist-Popular Choice for Home and Promotional use checklist-Popular Seller checklist-Princess Cap checklist-Rare Flag Limited Quantities checklist-Rare Pole Hem checklist-Re-enactment checklist-Re-enactor checklist-Rebel Confederate Southern Heritage checklist-Reduced cost via less maintenance checklist-Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings checklist-Residential checklist-Rough Tex 100D nylon checklist-Seasonal decoration checklist-Seasonal decoration or home use checklist-Select Sizes below checklist-Sewn Stripes checklist-Shiny Gold ABS styrene (plastic) Perched Eagle checklist-Short Supply checklist-Show off you Rebel Pride while driving checklist-Silver or White Painted Steel Pole checklist-SIngle or Double Face checklist-Single Reverse checklist-Size choose below 2x3 3x5 4x6 5x8 6x10 8x12 checklist-Sizes choose below greater than 2x3 foot checklist-Sizes larger than 6x10 are ring and thimble checklist-Skull and Crossbones checklist-Sleeve and leather tabs checklist-Sleeve or Pole Hem and ties checklist-sold by the yard checklist-Solid Brass Acorn Ornament checklist-Solid Brass Mounting Bracket checklist-Southern Heritage checklist-Special order limited quantities checklist-Square 24 x 24 inches checklist-Square 3 foot x 3 foot checklist-Square 52x52 checklist-Stadium Size Flag checklist-Stainless steel clips checklist-Stamped Steel Bracket checklist-Stand up for Betsy Ross! checklist-Standard checklist-Strong 300D Nylon checklist-Strong On Easy off checklist-Sturdy & Durable: 16 Gauge Aluminum checklist-Super Nylon 30 inches long checklist-Super Polyester 150D checklist-Super Sale on 2x3 overstock checklist-Super-Polyester checklist-Super-Polyester or Knitted Nylon checklist-Superb Color Retention checklist-Superior Look and Feel to Printed Flags checklist-Supply Limited checklist-Switch out the gold ball on the anti furl pole with this wood grain pattern. checklist-Swooper Flag Compatible checklist-Symbol of Vermont Secessionist movement checklist-Texas Southern Pride checklist-The crossed flag design is a perfect way to demonstrate mutual respect for these allies checklist-The Man in the High Castle checklist-The ORIGINAL Rod Holder Flagpole checklist-Three Outrigger Clips checklist-Thumb screw helps accept smaller poles checklist-Ties Only checklist-Treated to resist fading checklist-Triangle Stitch in each corner checklist-Trump 2020 Keep America Great checklist-Trump Train checklist-Two Brass Outrigger Clips checklist-Two brass outrigger clips may be used as keychains checklist-Ultimate Flags Branded Flag checklist-Union Flag checklist-Unique offering only from Ultimate Flags checklist-up to 5'x7' on 6' pole checklist-USA 33 Star Flag checklist-Use as a Naval Jack on your Bow Pole or Spirit checklist-Use as a second flag to the US Flag checklist-Use on 3 ft rod hold flag pole checklist-use with both grommet or pole hem/sleeve flags checklist-Used 1863 to 1865 checklist-Used 1912 to 1959 checklist-Used by movie set drapers checklist-Useful for 3x5 or 2x3 ft flag checklist-UV Block Protected checklist-Vermont National Guard checklist-Very Large 8x10 and up available checklist-Very Light Indoor or fair-weather flying checklist-VIsible for Miles checklist-War of 1812 checklist-Waterproof checklist-White Letters checklist-White Poly-Cotton header checklist-Windsock holder built in checklist-Winter Wishes with snowflakes checklist-World Peace checklist-XXX Select Size Below XXX checklist-ZipStrips The Ultra Removable bumper sticker

Sample Group C

Sample Group B